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Our Internet and hosting services were designed with you in mind.

FTC Internet Services is a leading Internet service and web hosting provider, focused on delivering exceptional customer service and technical support. By following the FTC Internet Services Core Values & Beliefs, FTC Internet Services is committed to serving our customers, employees, and community.

The company began in early 2003. When California native Todd Johnson joined efforts with Australian Tyler McWilliams, the pair decided to start their own company, knowing the kind of company they would build; one in which employees enjoyed their work and were given responsibility; one that treated its customers with respect and always met its commitments (see
FTC Internet Services Core Values and Beliefs

The idea of applying this philosophy to an Internet-related and web hosting company came to the pair when they attempted to create a website for their chat network. The experience was not a positive one; armed with a text-only shell account, no documentation, and unresponsive technical support, the pair spent a frustrating couple of days trying to get decent support. They immediately realized the need for an ISP and hosting company that was user friendly and full service. They wanted their servers to offer a graphical front end that made the software easy to use and vowed to offer technical support staff that was accessible, friendly and competent, and for a reliable connection. Johnson and McWilliams worked with software developers to come up with the graphical interfaces they wanted.

In the spring of 2003, the pair offered their service for free to their own chat network, now known as FTC Chat Services (
FTCChat.com) and brought in young "techies" to provide superb technical support and build the network from a youthful perspective. FTC Internet Services was born. The users loved the service and provided ideas for improving the interface. Word spread about FTC Internet Services' focus on service and support.

By the end of the summer, Johnson and McWilliams had a few hundred paying customers. FTC Internet Services continued to hire people to fill the orders, fine-tune the packages and its documentation, and - most importantly- keep the network running smoothly and the subscribers happy.

Johnson's younger brother, Jake Johnson joined the company in July 2005 and was named FTC Internet Services Chief Programmer by January of 2006.



Our Mission and Core Values and Beliefs

Mission: To become the leading Internet service provider in the world, as measured by number of members, member satisfaction and profitability


To change the way the world does business by demonstrating what a company based on integrity and respect for the individual can accomplish

To improve people's lives by giving them the ability to communicate better than ever before

To enable our employees and shareholders to flourish and prosper

Core Values & Beliefs

What's important at FTC Internet Services? We are convinced that the key to creating a truly great organization is an intense focus on the values that guide its people's actions. These are FTC Internet Services' "Core Values and Beliefs". If we don't seem to be living up to them, call us on it!

We respect the individual, and believe that individuals who are treated with respect and given responsibility respond by giving their best.

We require complete honesty and integrity in everything we do.

We make commitments with care, and then live up to them. In all things, we do what we say we are going to do.

Work is an important part of life, and it should be fun. Being a good businessperson does not mean being stuffy and boring.

We love to compete, and we believe that competition brings out the best in us.

We are frugal. We guard and conserve the company's resources with at least the same vigilance that we would use to guard and conserve our own personal resources.

We insist on giving our best effort in everything we undertake. Furthermore, we see a huge difference between "good mistakes" (best effort, bad result) and "bad mistakes" (sloppiness or lack of effort).

Clarity in understanding our mission, our goals, and what we expect from each other is critical to our success.

We are believers in the Golden Rule. In all our dealings we will strive to be friendly and courteous, as well as fair and compassionate.

We feel a sense of urgency on any matters related to our customers. We own problems and we are always responsive. We are customer-driven.





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