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FTC Internet is proud to provide you, the customer, with the most efficient service available anywhere in the world. In 2008, FTC upgraded its international fiber routing to add AT & T, Global Crossing and Level 3's international fiber networks to its already robust NTT fiber network. Functioning as an ultra-network, these four networks complement each other perfectly to reduce demand on any one network, while ensuring end user efficiency. As a result, FTC now brings the world to you literally at the speed of light, with unparalleled redundancy!

Click on any of the International Fiber Network maps below to view each of our international backbone.

NTT Map (FTC-01, FTC-02, FTC-Int'l)

AT&T Map (FTC-01, FTC-02, FTC-Int'l)



Global Crossing (FTC-01, FTC-02, FTC-Int'l)
Level 3 (FTC-01, FTC-02, FTC-Int'l)